Poona Blind Men's Association


95% of what we learn is through our eyes and ears. In conditions where a child has multiple disabilities, of deafblind, life can be challenging

Deaf-blindness is a rare condition in which an individual has combined hearing and vision loss, thus limiting access to both auditory and visual information. Sparsh ( meaning touch) is a unit of PBMA that works to rehabilitate deafblind children and adults. Aptly named Sparsh, as a sense of touch is central to communicating with them.

At PBMA, we work to rehabilitate deafblind children and adults. Depending on their ability, teach them to be independent and active in society.

The disability of deaf-blindness presents unique challenges to families, teachers, and caregivers, who must make sure that the person who is deaf-blind has access to the world beyond the limited reach of his or her eyes, ears, and fingertips. The people in the environment of children or adults who are deaf-blind must seek to include them—moment-by-moment—in the flow of life and in the physical environments that surround them.

-Barbara Miles


Our Vision

A world in which all children and adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities can be active members of society.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide access to counselling, services for deafblind and multiple disabilities persons, their families, caregivers and professionals so they can lead an independent life