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"The only think worse than being blind is having sight but no vision" - Helen Keller.

If you can read this quote you belong to the privileged section of the society because you can see. Unfortunately there are close to 15 million in India who are not so blessed. There is so much that can be done to make the lives of the differently abled easier. A blind person for example needs just three things to help him live an independent life - Technology, Training and Employment.

Visually challanged  girls working in office on laptop and headphone. Call centre


Visually impaired persons can and do use laptops, mobiles and other devices but they use ASSISTIVE Technology for screen reading, braille display and digital screen magnification to use high tech products.

Visually challanged student typing


Helps a blind person use assistive technology, imparts employable skills like English speaking for call centers, trade based training like chocolate making and computer skills.

image of few Visually challanged  girls and boys using headphones


Employment opportunities which allow a visually impaired to contribute, earn a living and make a career like anyone one else.

If you know anyone who needs these opportunities read on to change their lives.

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll.

We live in an unequal world but it does not have to stay unequal. Dignity comes from skills and equal contribution. You can do something to tilt the balance and help those who are less fortunate. It can be as simple as volunteering few hours in the month to donating everyday items like mattresses for students of our institute. Our goal is to provide training which will enable visually challenged to apply for higher studies and have a career. TTI is committed to providing skills that will transform their dreams into reality.

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About TTI

Pune Blind Men's Association's Technical Training Institute was set up in 1960 to impart vocational training and rehabilitation services to visually impaired children and adults so that they can be financially independent and be respected citizens of the society. We are also India's largest technical training institute for visually challenged persons. Read More


Certificate in Basic Computing and Assistive Technology Learning (CBCATL) affiliated to SavitribaiPhule Pune University, English speaking course, Basics in computer Training and many more vocational courses at no cost to students. Read More


With 5 extension training centers strategically located in Puneand out of Pune, we are geared up to address the needs of 365 visually challenged students every six months.

Our Benefactors / Top Recruiters

Accenture, Finolex, Kothari Wheels, Vodaphone .

Special Initiatives

449 students from all over Maharashtra have already got assistive devices at no extra cost. We have a placement cell that works to secure employment for trained students. We also provide insurance for those pursuing courses at TTI

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